Spinning: The New Fitness Trend

A new fitness craze is taking the UK: Spinning!

In case you never heard about spinning, well, it’s sort of like joyriding on your bike and is always huge fun! Some fitness studios in London are now providing spin studios where they have spin classes in cool club or disco settings, complete with cool music and club lighting!

What’s good about spin classes is that these types of cycling exercises combine calorie burning for losing weight with endurance intervals so can strengthen your muscles for a full toned body. Basically what you’re doing is a fun full-body work out!

Personally I like cycling in spin classes also because it’s a cool way to always meet new and interesting people! The better fitness studios in London will normally also have areas like a juice bar where you can hang out after your exercises for some socializing.

Fitness and health experts are for the longest time saying that cycling, along with swimming, is one of the most effective ways to exercise. This means that you can get to your fitness goals a lot faster and more effectively with spinning as compared to some other types of exercising.

My recommendation is that you simply give spinning a shot if you haven’t done so already! It’s really a lot of fun and I can highly recommend it to you if you want to do something for your fitness. My favourite spin place to spin at London Fields is the London Fields fitness gym in East London but may be more good gyms in your area.