New Fire Detection Technology for the Outdoors

The previous years saw several big advances in fire detection technology.

Among the biggest innovations in this field which greatly added to fire safety for many places are digital fire detection cameras.

Compared to smoke detectors, sprinklers and other conventional systems for fire detection, fire cameras have several big advantages. The biggest advantage of these systems is that they do not require to be put in place in the vicinity of a potential fire such as most indoor fire detection systems. Moreover, fire cameras don’t just work in confined spaces can also detect fires outdoors.

How do walk fire detector cameras work?

Fire detection cameras are essentially digital cameras that are equipped with advanced digital imaging software. They are monitoring a video feet in real-time for the occurrence of fires. Due to the way how these systems work, they can also detect fires from a large distance, in some cases up to several hundred metres away.

Modern fire cameras such as the Fcam or not only incorporating digital image analyses for reliable fire detection. The Fcam is also incorporating an infrared thermal fire detector, combining reliable ways for fire detection into one system.

How reliable are fire detection cameras?

Modern fire detection cameras are a lot more reliable then conventional fire detection systems. The rate for false alarms is also very low. Moreover, they can detect fires in a very short time. The Fcam requires only 15 seconds or less for reliable fire detection. Since these systems can also automatically call for emergency responders in the case of a fire, this also means that personal and structural damages from fires can be greatly reduced.

Thanks to these modern fire detection systems, many places can now take advantage of greatly increased fire safety, even in those locations were reliable fire detection had been very challenging only years ago.